Variety of Holiday Christmas Bags Name Tags Kids Activity Set all for $5
2 new table cloths 2 new chopping boards 2 new hand towels 2 new children s place Matt s new pack of 2 snowman candles a new children s activities set ( cost$4.99 at Walmart) a snowman door knob hanger and a wooden snowman Decoration clear glass mug
Red Hat Society Christmas Tree Decorations 5 small hats 5 small shoes a red pillow a bigger hat 2 individual Red Hat Society fights and a best friend red Hat Society ornament
New from Kirkland s Dove Christmas tree ornament never open ($6.99) 4 new felt Christmas tree ornaments a snowman & crown tree ornament

New Items

Wall Mirror New Candle 3 Porcelain single light switch covers and a new Fluorescent plug in 18 inch Light Fixture New Bed Risers with USB and outlet
My fianc made these beautiful bracelets himself that have a wooden bead attached to them. He did the patterns as well all the way around the bracelet, making it unique. Nobody else sells these because they are handmade by my fianc . You can get both for $8!
I immediately fell in love, the moment I sat behind the torch. Science, Art, and not to forget: fire . Unfortunately I haven t been able to use it for a year at my current living situation. Moving soon and looking to rehome to someone who s interested in the hobby. Super fun. Msg for more pics or questions. Includes: 1. Nortel Minor Torch w/ Marveling Attachment 2. Oxy & Propane hoses 3. Assort...
Set of 4 Barbie pictures. Originally paid $70/picture. There s a minor scratch on 2 of the frames, can send more photos if interested. Frame dimensions: height 17.8 width 15.7